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Real Time Fleet Tracking

At Transkart we provide reliable, real time fleet tracking that it is easy to stay informed with right details no matter where you are. Know instantly and accurately when important events take place with your vehicles. We offer real-time alerts that enable you to gain clear and better insights into your fleet operations.

With Transkart’s Real Time Fleet Tracking:

  • Know immediately when important events are happening with your transportation vehicles.
  • Get instant notification via inbox on your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.
  • Select alert type and frequency of notification.
  • Prevent untoward incidents and safeguard your time and money.
24 / 7 Customer Support

We offer round the clock support, as we know the value of time and money. We have a team of experts who are capable enough to handle diverse issues and offer quick and reliable solutions with any logistic-related problems that you may face.

Transkart’s dedicated support team of experts is here to help you no matter what questions you have via email, phone and online chat. This support is absolutely free for all our customers of Transkart.

We provide continual assistance to maximize your investment. We have an experienced support team that possesses the relevant expertise and capabilities to assist you as and when required.

Logistics Analytics

We have mastered the art as well as science of analyzing diverse scenarios and offer smart solutions in a jiffy. This is one of our hallmarks that have brought us repeat customers and referrals.

Our analytical capabilities encompass logistic parameters of the transportation process such as driving time for various locations, time of delivery egress, unloading times and vehicle driver’s activities to offer detailed evidence of planned as well as realised working time.

Cost Efficiency

We achieve cost efficiency for our customers through

  • Deploying advanced technologies
  • Utilizing our expertise and rich experience in logistics and fleet management
  • Ensuring supreme quality in every process and activity
  • Acting proactively to avoid issues
Reliability & Quality

Our systems and processes are reliable since we scrutinize carefully before implementing any decision. We are fully aware that only quality operations will bring more customers and we have ensured that in every single act of ours.

These two vital aspects, namely, reliability and quality have won us many customers, who in turn do repeat business with us. Once you approach us, we assure you that you rely on us for a perfect outcome of your logistics and transportation activity.

Comprehensive Solution

Utilizing many years of industry innovation as well as leadership, Transkart has transformed the way vehicle fleet management can be handled. We deploy a powerful combination state-of-art technologies and expertise of technical team to provide smart solutions to our customers.

Simplify Truck Booking

NO hassles or tedious processes involved in truck booking. We make it as simple and efficient as possible. At Transkart, we know that time is money and power. We ensure ease-of-use truck booking, which requires considerably less time.

We arrange vehicle hiring as well as booking services for multi-city and multi vehicle scenarios, if required. We facilitate better productivity and almost nil possibilities of making errors by systematically managing our resources.


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